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We do much more than just share leads through our cleaning business

The sales cycle of cleaning businesses is not as easy as it sounds on paper. At Sub Cleaning, we’ll send premium clients with diverse requirements your way. We’ll also help you understand the crux of marketing and brand building along the way for you to establish yourself individually.

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Franchise under the most established name in Sydney

Offering commercial cleaning businesses in Sydney and much more

We have been successfully operating in the cleaning industry for a span of a decade through our venture JBN Cleaning. In order to cater to the higher influx of clients and also to help growing businesses flourish, we offer cleaning businesses for sale. Be it a startup company of cleaners or individual workers, you can franchise under our name and cater to the elite clientele that we send your way.

Through a revenue-sharing model, you can be assured of never going out of business when you’re in a contract model with us. You can also have a crucial understanding of the sales cycle and lead conversions as you work with our experts.

Learn business the real way.

Work with a set of premier clientele.

Make a name for yourself in the market by carrying out the same diligent work as us through our contracts.

Why take cleaning business particularly from us?

Most of the players in Sydney offer cleaning businesses for sale. But the quality of the projects, the diversity in the requirements, the revenue sharing model may not always be exactly profitable for you. We’ll help you understand your own skillsets and shortcomings better by sending diverse commercial cleaning requirements your way.

Some of the requirements that we generally put up for contracting to involve medical center cleaning, child care center cleaning, industrial cleaning, warehouse cleaning, retail cleaning, and office cleaning. If you are someone who has a rich portfolio but a lousy sales cycle where you can’t find clients easily, we are your best fit.

Best Cleaning Contracts For Sale in Sydney
commercial cleaning contracts
Before we contract…

Here’s what we’ll ask for before signing up with you

  • Your experience profile
  • Background checks
  • Portfolio of previous works
  • The procedures that you follow and your basic industry standings

Why businesses choose us?

Honesty & Transparency

Be it our revenue model or our promises to the clients, it’ll always be reasonable.

Brand legacy

We have been cleaning for 10 whole years and our name is one of the widely known in Sydney.

Business Consultation

Our partnership will go a long way more than just contracting. We’ll help you grow.

Our mission

We want to reach a lot of people in shorter periods and deliver them with our best works. We understand that only with the right partnerships at the right times, we as a brand will be able to scale new heights. Hence, instead of just adding cleaning to our company’s payroll, we outsource it to competent cleaners who have not had the chance to showcase their potential yet.

We are going to help you through these:

  • Give you a premium set of clients
  • Fewer worker hours and reasonable pay
  • Simplifying the sales cycle
  • Helping you with everything you need
Find everything you need to know beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why contract with us while you are already doing it individually?

By franchising under our established name, you can showcase your talent individually as a cleaner by providing the clients we send your way with 100% satisfaction. You’ll be lauded for the legacy that we have personally built. If you are a startup, this will help you channel your efforts in the right direction.

Will franchising under us be a hindrance to your company’s growth?

Not at all. We have a history of our clients asking us to send the same set of cleaners as they have recurring requirements. If you put your best work on the table, then the clients you serve will pretty much hang on to us for a lifetime.

What will be the revenue sharing model?

You’ll be under our payroll or receive a pre-approved retainer fee that we discuss before the start of the project.

What kind of cleaning requirements do we give out through our contracts?

We have a range of requirements that are diverse in nature. Medical center cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, industrial cleaning, warehouse, retail stores, child care centers are all some of the requirements that we generally offer on contracts for sale.

What will the duration of the contracts be?

They are mostly recurring and the general duration will be somewhere around a year.


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We understand that you might have a lot of questions before you decide to sign up a contract with us. Our professionals can walk you through the whole process.