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best cleaning contracts in Sydney

Janitorial Contracts

Join Sub Cleaning‘s elite community of professional cleaners. Get administrative support and a vast number of clients without having to be involved in sales or marketing aspects.

Learning Business

If you are relatively new to the field, learn from qualified experts on business strategies to level up your cleaning company. All you have to do is partner with Sub Cleaning!

Enter the lucrative franchise industry.

We are looking for companies and individuals who can take up cleaning contracts in Sydney!

Customer satisfaction is the most prominent factor that Sub Cleaning is based upon. If you are someone who is looking to earn 10x the business you have right now while also capable of delivering uncompromisable cleaning results, we would love to partner with you.

Establish yourself better.

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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning service providers in Sydney are highly competitive and sourcing new clients might be difficult. Join Sub Cleaning and we’ll send the people who are looking for the services you offer your way.

Janitorial Services

Do you have professionals that you can outsource for offering janitorial services to various commercial cleaning requirements? Great, we are looking for you! Get in touch with us now.

Manpower Assistance

Are you an individual cleaner who has enough expertise to cover the cleaning routines of commercial spaces and offices? We can help you handle a lot more clients than you do right now.

Niche Cleaning Experts

We are always on the lookout for experienced individual professionals who are best at niche routines like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, factory cleaning, deep cleaning, etc. Join our mission today!

Franchising Oppurtunity

Work under the most experienced brand in all of Sydney and make a name for yourself. Work under the name of our highly regarded brand that has been delivering impeccable results for 10 years now.

Consulting Services

If you are a cleaning business that’s looking for an added sense of direction to grow, we are here for you. Be it helping you choose the right supplies or giving you better business strategies, our experts can guide you through.

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Our cleaning contracts in Sydney keep coming back to us for more business!

cleaning contracts in Sydney – OLIVER BROWN

JBN’s sub cleaning venture is extremely profitable since they have a lot of contacts handy. Really glad for doing business with them for over 2 years now.

Oliver Brown

CEO of a cleaning company
cleaning contracts in Sydney – DAVE JONES

It’s actually difficult finding cleaning contracts in Sydney that are profitable for the cleaners. I’d definitely vouch for Sub cleaning if you are looking.

Dave Jones

Professional freelance Janitor
Cleaning Contracts For Sale

Very professional and patient. They helped me with my first ever commercial cleaning contract in Sydney. I look up to what they do very much.

Akanshi Ravi

Cleaning contractor
Get your business ahead.

Let’s show you where to start when to start, and what to do to get things done.

We are predominantly a business that helps businesses flourish. We understand what it takes to run a cleaning company in Sydney through our 10+ years in the field. Join aboard and let’s hook you up to real clients that are in search of urgent requirements.

Clarify the steps


What are the services you subcontract to third-party cleaners?

We are always having a client or two looking for commercial cleaning services in Sydney for different kinds of spaces including offices, gyms, factories, medical centers, and worship centers to name a few.

How do you find clients?

We have been trusted contractors for 10+ years and we have been offering impeccable cleaning results every time. Our client retention rate is as high as 85%. Since we are an established brand with a name of our own, we have clients walking through our door almost every day.

What is the revenue sharing model between you and the outsourced company?

It depends on the nature of the cleaning job along with the quotation that is to be shared with the clientele. Since we deal with a wide range of niche cleaning services, putting a uniform percentage on the net income would be highly impossible. You can get in touch with us to know more in this regard.

How long have you been doing this?

We are an established name that has been in the industry for over 10 years. As a contractor that works under our name, you’d also be treated with the reputation that we have built over the years.

Do you guarantee clients every day for commercial cleaners?

We have a lot of cities in our client network chain to cover. We are currently in need of commercial cleaning companies to scale our business up. If you are up for doing a good job, we absolutely have a lot of clients who are in urgent demands.

Are you following a bidding system for contractors?

Some cities in Sydney are running in high demand than the rest. And these demanded cities have repeat cleaning requirements for monthly, daily, weekly, or even yearly contracts. In such a case with high-margin client requirements, we follow a bidding system while also comparing other histories of the brands like their experience, expertise, and procedures.

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